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Friday, 28 June 2013

What Am I to Thee?

Am I a tree?
Am I a woman?
Am I a she-tree?
Am I a Goddess?
Am I a Spirit?
Am I a Goddess-Spirit-Tree?
What am I to Thee?

Am I the knowing eyes, seeing all hidden from sight?
Am I the deep listening, hearing secrets long buried deep?
Am I the one who sees and hears soul's whispers?
What am I to Thee?


Am I the soft rustle of leaves on a balmy eve?
Am I the soft flutter of newly hatched wings?
Am I the soft velvet of rose petals?
Am I the fanciest of costumes, turning heads?
What am I to Thee?

Am I the wildness of wind-swept hair?
Am I the steadfast-ness of aged trunk?
Am I the flighty-ness of startled wing?
Am I the fragility of  new blossom?
What am I to Thee?

Am I a mother's tender kiss?
Am I the first tentative stretch of wings?
Am I a new seedling pushing through earth?
Am I the first twirl on the dance-floor?
Am I the first rays of the morning sun?
What am I to Thee?
Am I the drum of rain on tin?
Am I the crackle of campfire?
Am I the call of song-bird?
Am I the sweet silence of old-growth forest?
Am I the bathing light of pinks as the sun says good-night?
Am I the soft glow of full moon?
Am I the dance of moonlight on still waters?
What am I to Thee?
Am I Love's first tender touch?
Am I that breath-taking moment?
Am I Grace about to take flight?
What am I to Thee?
Am I the mystery of glimpses on a darkened night?
Am I the promise of a Lover's first kiss?
Am I the beat of new heart in the womb?
Am I a thousand life-times growing as one?
Am I all of this, yet much more?
What am I, if I am not Thee?

"She-Tree" was painted during a six week intensive on-line course called DEEP with Connie from Dirtyfootprints Studio. This was my third time delving DEEP-er into my intuitive practise with Connie. I've been fortunate enough to take DEEP twice, the second time, it extended into a double journey, this painting is the result of the second round of six weeks of that second class. Every time I paint with this hot chica I learn more about intuitive painting, my own art practise, learning to listen (and I mean really listen), connecting with Source and about myself then I bargain for.  I thank Connie DEEP-ly for allowing me this opportunity yet again and for the many gifts that journeying with her and a Tribe of amazing painting-sisters and all that the experience/s have afforded me.  I am blessed.


  1. I thank you for the beauty, wisdom, and strength that you inspire in me...just by being you..and by sharing your light.

    BIG Hugs! BIG Hugs!

    1. Oh sweet Connie, it is a mutual-appreciation club my dear friend, absolutely. bug hugs right back at you. xx

  2. Melissa, my sister, you light up my world. "What am I, if I am not Thee?" yes yes yes. love you!

    1. Hali, my loveliest of painting sisters, thankyou, your words light up my world too. xx

  3. Oh Melissa, "What are we, if we are not Thee?" in so many wondrous, magical and intuitive forms. Thank you so much, so so much xo

  4. Tanya, my dear friend, thankyou for your beautiful words, I'm so pleased this resonated with you. xx

  5. That's so beautifully put together. Yes!!

    1. Thanks so very much Jennifer, I appreciate your visit and your lovely comment. x

  6. oh Lissa.... wow... this is just freaking amazing!!!!!!!!

    1. Awwwww thanks so freaking much Ms Kitty. x