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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Interview

I had the loveliest experience recently.  The very sweet and bubbly local reporter, Emily, paid me a visit.  We sat on our deck overlooking the wheat crop, which was just starting to get the faintest shades of yellow on its way to gold.  I do love watching the progression of a crop.  From fallow land, to neat little rows of tilled soil, to the seedlings slowly pushing their heads out of the dirt to greet the sun, and then with the added blessing of water from the heavens, they just burst forth, literally growing in front of our eyes daily........  but I digress, happens so easily for me.......

I do find that taking the time to observe the passage of growth of a crop on our farm, is a great way to stay grounded in the Present and to focus on being Grateful.  And focusing and bringing more Gratitude into our lives through the act of Mindfulness is very much a part of the reason Emily came to be sitting on my deck.

I am teaching a class called "Gratitude through the Lens"  within a wonderful offering of 10 classes called "Genuine You" and Emily came to find out about the class and the story behind how this class came about.

Emily and I chatted for ages on the deck, and as above, I digressed and chatted about all sorts of things about my "Art Journey" and showed her the Oracle Cards project I contributed to called
 "Awakening to Your Devine Self".  I also dragged out some of my paintings to show her.  I was having a merry-old-time. and could of chatted endlessly about how I find that ART HEALS and my passion for sharing this with the world. 

And here is a little taste about my class...............

Gratitude through the Lens
Come and explore ways of expressing your Gratitude for all that is good in your life through fun and fun photography. Take an fresh look at your life and connect with all that you have to be Grateful for, the BIG things and the small things that are so easy to overlook in our crazy, busy lives.

Class excerpt:
Relationships can be the source of our greatest Joy and our greatest pain. Family and friends are important in our lives ,as Human Beings , we are social by nature. The more we are grateful for the people and how they enhance our lives and for the qualities we appreciate in them the more positive our relationships will be.
Each day for a week reflect in your JOURNAL why & what you are grateful for in one or more of the following:

So if you feel you may gain something from joining me in this class and the 9 other classes on offer  (you get all 10 classes for the one sweet little price), please follow the link on the side of my blog to register and come and join us for a year of FUN and SELF-DISCOVERY.

Just follow the link and come join in the fun!

The classes in Genuine You are taught by caring and talented teachers who are available to answer your questions. Join us! Find out more: Genuine You