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Friday, 28 June 2013

What Am I to Thee?

Am I a tree?
Am I a woman?
Am I a she-tree?
Am I a Goddess?
Am I a Spirit?
Am I a Goddess-Spirit-Tree?
What am I to Thee?

Am I the knowing eyes, seeing all hidden from sight?
Am I the deep listening, hearing secrets long buried deep?
Am I the one who sees and hears soul's whispers?
What am I to Thee?


Am I the soft rustle of leaves on a balmy eve?
Am I the soft flutter of newly hatched wings?
Am I the soft velvet of rose petals?
Am I the fanciest of costumes, turning heads?
What am I to Thee?

Am I the wildness of wind-swept hair?
Am I the steadfast-ness of aged trunk?
Am I the flighty-ness of startled wing?
Am I the fragility of  new blossom?
What am I to Thee?

Am I a mother's tender kiss?
Am I the first tentative stretch of wings?
Am I a new seedling pushing through earth?
Am I the first twirl on the dance-floor?
Am I the first rays of the morning sun?
What am I to Thee?
Am I the drum of rain on tin?
Am I the crackle of campfire?
Am I the call of song-bird?
Am I the sweet silence of old-growth forest?
Am I the bathing light of pinks as the sun says good-night?
Am I the soft glow of full moon?
Am I the dance of moonlight on still waters?
What am I to Thee?
Am I Love's first tender touch?
Am I that breath-taking moment?
Am I Grace about to take flight?
What am I to Thee?
Am I the mystery of glimpses on a darkened night?
Am I the promise of a Lover's first kiss?
Am I the beat of new heart in the womb?
Am I a thousand life-times growing as one?
Am I all of this, yet much more?
What am I, if I am not Thee?

"She-Tree" was painted during a six week intensive on-line course called DEEP with Connie from Dirtyfootprints Studio. This was my third time delving DEEP-er into my intuitive practise with Connie. I've been fortunate enough to take DEEP twice, the second time, it extended into a double journey, this painting is the result of the second round of six weeks of that second class. Every time I paint with this hot chica I learn more about intuitive painting, my own art practise, learning to listen (and I mean really listen), connecting with Source and about myself then I bargain for.  I thank Connie DEEP-ly for allowing me this opportunity yet again and for the many gifts that journeying with her and a Tribe of amazing painting-sisters and all that the experience/s have afforded me.  I am blessed.