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Monday, 10 September 2012

Boots and All ....


Friends have been urging me to take the plunge,
and dive into the world of blogging ....
to share my journey.
Just the thought of doing this put me in a tail spin,
who'd want to read about my life?
It's certainly not 'extra-ordinary', not the stuff of 'best sellers',
but hey, as I tell my children, 'normal is boring ....'
so maybe my life isn't so boring afterall,
because it certainly ain't the norm!!
(whatever that may be?)

How do I give you a peek without boring you to tears?
what parts of my life do I share?
What would interest you?
What do I feel comfortable putting 'out there'
for all to see?
Daunting, trying to decide ....

Ahhh ..... I'll share through my photos,
through my art.
So here I jump, boots'n'all .....
I grew up in a regional Australian city
but now I'm blessed to live here .....

I may live more than a stone's throw from a city now
but on the frequent long drives
we're blessed with the amazing Aussie landscape .....
 We might not take many holidays,
but we are blessed to visit this magic spot yearly ....
We may live on a farm in a rain shadow
with fog patterns that bewilder the meteorologists
and frost in the winter
and wild wind in the spring
and scorching hot days in the summer
and unforgiving floods
but we are blessed by the majesty this creates ....
We may experience the trials and tribulations of raising a 
differently-abled child ....
but along the way we meet the most amazing people;
children and adults alike
who humble us,
make us laugh,
make us cry,
who lift us up,
and inspire us,
and teach us,
remind us of what's important,
what's truly important .....


My life path may have taken odd twists and turns ....
that I could never have predicted
as a wide-eyed high school graduate,
thinking I had it all mapped out!!

I won't sugar-coat things,
there are days where I want to throw in the towel,
exclaim it's all too hard,
dwell in self-pity,
sit and just cry,
but ...

out of all struggle comes insight,
out of dark days comes sunshine,
out of loss comes understanding,
and Love is the pathway.
Each and every one of those tough days
has helped bring me to where I am now,
where I am on my journey.
I by no means have the answers.
I'm still on the roller-coaster,
gripping on tight,
screaming on the descents, 
and giggling at the twists,
gasping at the view from the top,
holding my breath at the turns
and bracing for the curves ahead.
Still learning to be;
a 'city chick' in the bush,
a life-long companion to my best friend,
a Mother to 3 gorgeous children,
(one of whom just happens to walk a different path)
Still learning to BE ......
Part of this journey involves me embarking on;
re-exploring my creativity,
re-discovering my femine wisdom,
engaging with the world in new and varied ways,
saying YES to new pathways,
saying NO to what doesn't feel right or true,
making adjustments and changes on the run,
and saddling up to 
what ever else life throws my way.
There are more of curve balls coming,
I'm sure ......

but it's a very blessed life ....

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